My Father’s Mini

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After many years under construction (8 to be exact) my father has made some real progress on his Mini. The absence of a racing season this year has been great in that respect, and I’m so happy that he has finally got this thing to the point where it is ready for inspection. I have attached two photos and I apologize about the photography in advance. I hope to get my real camera out, rather than my phone, and take some quality shots of the car in the near future. This car is Volkswagen VR6 powered, is mid engine, and is built upon a full tube frame. The car at this juncture is only Mini by its outward appearance. Underneath, it is full race car. While the car was not built to racing regulation and was not intended to fit into a race category, it does adhere to SCCA roll cage and other safety regulations. Its wet weight is 2200 lbs. and the car has 175 horsepower in its stock configuration. Initially, the car will be inspected for Pennsylvania road legality. Once passed, the car will be driven on the street. Reliability testing will be first, with suspension and handling characteristics to be fine tuned after. Once these aspects have been sorted out it is planned for the engine output to be increase north of 300 horsepower. As you can imagine my father and I are more than excited to try it out on some auto-x runs as well as some track days. Stay tuned for progress reports.

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