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Interest in RFY shocks continues to grow. A low price point, modern design, and clean looks are just a few of the reasons that the brand has become so popular. This page, the RFY Shocks Technical Library, is devoted to creating an organized area of reference to all of information I have produced regarding RFY Shocks.

RFY shocks are ideal for vintage and classic motorcycles. As they are tailored to twin-shock style rear suspension, but of a modern design, they can be considered a significant upgrade over stock suspension. Twin-shock suspension is no longer the preferred choice of suspension for modern bikes, this has left a gap in the marketplace where most modern damper and spring manufacturers have stopped producing compatible suspension pieces for older motorcycles. These are just a few of the reasons whey I have tackled the technical, logistical, and support roles for RFY shocks.

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Spring Rates Information (Updated December 2017)

RFY Shock Rebuild Service – Overview

Demonstration of Gas Pressurized Shocks

Spring Rate Estimator

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