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Brake spacer to adapt and RD350 hub to FZR forks and brake rotor.
Custom Brake Adapter

Mixing and matching suspension components often requires a custom brake adapter or spacer. With this purchase I draft a custom spacer that meets your needs and then machine that spacer from 6061-T6. The spacers can be as elaborate or as … Read More

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GT750 Billet Water Pump Gear
GT750 Water Buffalo Billet Water Pump Gear

This is a billet water pump gear for the GT750, also known as the “Water Buffalo”, this gear shrink fits to the stock steel hub from the OEM plastic gear. The plastic gears are known for cracking and failing, leaving … Read More

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TM28 spigots for RD305
Mikuni TM28 Spigot Mod for RD350 Intake Manifolds

Just like the title says, this modification is for the use of the Mikuni TM28 flatslide carburettor on the RD350. The stock manifolds are more than a little loose on the TM28 spigots and it’s not worth the risk of … Read More

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