Good Watch – Race To The Bottom

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Of the worst drivers in the world, many will first consider Taki Inoue. The infamous Japanese Formula 1 driver of the mid 1990’s seemingly was unable to get much of anything right. In 18 races Taki managed to score a grand total of zero championship points. Below, I give you what is maybe his most famous video. I won’t spoil it, but video starts with Taki’s Footwork-Arrows FA16 sitting alongside the track after having ground to a halt.



Taki has developed a good sense of humor regarding his less than lackluster career. His twitter account is just one example of that. That’s why I think Taki should take a back seat to this generations worst driver.

Ken Block made his name doing rehearsed, choreographed, and edited up gymkhana videos. Obviously that qualified him for a seat in World Rally Championship Ford Focus. Granted, Block participated in U.S. rally events before hand, but much the same Inoue competed in F3 events before his F1 career. Having run a grand total of four seasons, Block’s best annual points tally has been an amazing six. Mind you, Formula 1 in Taki’s day only awarded points to 6th place, whereas WRC competition awards back to 10th. Check out this five and a half minute montage to Block’s greatness and see if he is more deserving than Taki Inoue for the title of Worlds Worst Race Driver.


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