16mm Spherical Bearing Conversion Now Available!

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Honda CB RFY Shock Kit
Honda CB RFY Shock Kit


Since the inception of the spherical bearing conversion the process has been limited to bikes with mounts that are 15mm or less in outside diameter. I’m happy to say, that this is no longer the case! After significant R&D I can now offer the spherical bearing conversion to all bikes with 16mm mounts. This means Triumph, many CB owners, and a long list of others can now discover the benefits of friction free and self aligning shocks!

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  1. Gary Westendorf
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    Chris,I have major revamp and modification of an unlikely bike, an XJ 750 Maxim. I have a set of the RFY shocks with the heavy springs and bought some spherical bearings 12mm I.D. opps. I had measured the threaded bolt end sticking out of the original shocks and when I actually removed the originals I found the welded in mounting bolt to be a shouldered bolt and the O.D. is 14mm. I cannot find any spherical bearings that have 14mm I.D. and an O.D that will fit the RFY shocks. SOL I guess? So I turned up some aluminum bushings to replace the rubber grommets . Do you have any internal upgrades for the RFY shocks?
    Cheers, 50gary
    P.S. Ichiban Moto sent me.

    • Chris
      | Reply

      Hi Gary!

      I have 14mm stuff. Are you trying to stick with rubber mounts or move to spherical bearings?

      For the internal parts I just through through them and set the preload on the shim stack. When everything is correct, they work well.


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