Summer Hiatus

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All, do to a number of circumstances, mostly that of the busy racing season, I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus from shock building. There are several time commitments that unfortunately mean I can not devote my time and attention to shock building in the strict capacity that I expect of myself. With responsibilities that I can not ignore it only makes sense for me to throttle back the shock business some, this has always been a hobby for me, something that I do because I enjoy it. I will of course be back, my schedule begins to lighten up in August and by mid September is mostly open again. I plan to reopen the store for sales August 4th.

If you have questions feel free to contact me. I will be available in some capacity during this time, I just don’t believe I have the bandwidth to build shocks at the pace I have been maintaining in the last few months. Finally, it’s my hope that a little bit of a slow down in the customer care side of things will allow a return, if only temporary, to the R&D side of my operations. This has been severely lacking in recent months due to the volume of orders.

I wish all a happy summer, I’ll see you soon!

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  1. JamesG
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    Sounds like you need to hire some people. That is the usual solution to the “too much work” good problem to have.

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