Late 2019, Winter Operations, and 2020

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This post has been on deck for some time. The last few months have been insane for me. Not only has my family experienced sickness, but my day job and other business activities have greatly reduced my attention to this leg of my company.

The good news, my family member is in recovery and home life is stabilizing again. Additionally, my summertime business operations are officially closed out for the year. As a result, I am able to return my attention to these operations. The bad news, I’m some three months behind where I want to be at this juncture. The primary hold up is my milling machine. I tore it apart to do some maintenance and upgrades in late July. Given the circumstances, I was never able to finish that process. Over the last few weeks I have been pouring as much time as I can afford into getting everything back online. I do however need to apologize to all of those who have been lost in the void. There have been many emails I simply could not respond to. Had I responded, I would have never been able to fulfill the order. It’s been a process, but things are again looking up.

So, on to the good stuff. Despite all the craziness, I have made progress. The milling machine is on it’s way back together. I’ve added a 10-spot automatic tool changer. This is opposed to having manual tool changes in the past. I hope this is one step closer to allowing me to run more complicated parts and do so in less time. It’s also my hope that it will allow me to divorce myself from machine operation and get back to general shop operations where I can make progress while simultaneously machining items. Moreover, I’ve invested more in my shop at large. Mostly that means more lighting and better insulation. The goal is to improve my operations and create an environment that I can build shocks with the least amount of cost and the least amount of stress.

All of that said, I have been stocking up on many of my commonly sold items. I’ve also gone organized my existing stock and have been working towards getting some of my R&D items and oddball items for sale in the store. I’m also working on getting my photo studio setup again, which hasn’t been setup since my old residence of over two years ago. Suffice it to say, I am going full song again. My eye is on improved services and improved products.

Finally, I’ve officially registered the CL CompTech L.L.C.. This was always the plan, but it took me some time to execute. The CL CompTech brand is less known than my portrayed CL MotoTech branding, but I’ve owned the branding for some time. The website, services, etc. will all stay the same, but I will be transferring it all away from a sole proprietorship the the L.L.C..

I look forward to hearing from everyone and hope all these new changes will serve everyone better.

Best Regards,

Chris Livengood

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