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Diagram showing the role of a damper within sprung and unsprung mass.
Diagram showing the role of a damper within sprung and unsprung mass.

I get emails consistently regarding RFY shocks. A lot of them are in regards to a rough, harsh, or bouncy ride. I believe that most of these concerns stem from the misunderstanding of spring rate and how it applies to your bike. To combat this I have created a spring rate calculator that incorporates the two spring options that buyers have when ordering a set of RFY’s. I hope this calculator will help you better pick your spring when you purchase a set of RFY shocks.

To use the calculator go here. The page can also be found by clicking on the RFY Spring Calculator link under the Bikes link at the top of the page.

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  1. Nolan Archer
    | Reply

    Looking to get the RFY shocks for a 1981 CX 500. I’m 200lbs and will have the occasional passenger. I would say my bike is about 475lbs. What is your suggestion for springs in the RFY kit? Thank you, Nolan

    • Chris
      | Reply

      Hi Nolan,

      7mm wire spring is the way to go. Not sure what length you are trying to achieve.


  2. Nolan Archer
    | Reply

    Is there a phone number I can reach you at to talk about a purchase and the right combination? Thank you

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