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Silver and Black RFY Shocks
Silver and Black RFY Shocks

It has become apparent in the last few months that the black and gold in the 340mm length shock has been discontinued. This has been replaced by a black and silver model in that length (pictured).

On multiple occasions I have been told that 340mm lengths units in black and gold would be delivered to me only to receive 320mm units. As a result, I am discontinuing sales of the black and gold units in this length. Obviously, this is a shame as it continued to be a popular color combination, but I have little control over the manufacture of the shocks.

The black and gold unit remains available in both the 375mm and 320mm length units.

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  1. mike mastrangelo
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    Got a set of those shocks for a 1976 GT 750 Suzuki? I am at 185, solo rider on 2 lane mountain roads. I think the 320mm should work. Price shipped to Montrose Colorado?


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