Summer Store Closure & More Information

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I wanted to take a moment to address what is going on with my store and services. Currently, I have the store turned off. I have done this for many reasons, they range from personal reasons to supply chain issues. I could write a short book on the last few months of trying to build and sell shocks and the seemingly never ending troubles that have come along with it. I will however keep it short. The COVID 19 pandemic has been especially difficult for my supply chain. I have struggled to get parts and pieces that I regularly use for rebuilds and shock packages, sometimes deliveries taking more than 3 months from the time of order. Additionally, I am seeing a wide variety of “RFY” shocks. My usual supplier in California has run short on stock and that has forced me into less reliable supply options. On numerous occasions I have gotten knockoff “RFY” shocks, it’s hard to believe, but it is indeed the case. Moreover, customers that have purchased RFY shocks have on many occasions sent them to me for rebuild only for them to be knockoffs and of an unknown quality and origin.

I also seem to be in a continuous struggle with the United States Post Office. A year ago I could drop a box off and it would be at the customers house in two days, sometimes a single day. These days, I drop packages off and it takes two to five days just for the box to get scanned. Hopefully these issues are resolved in the near future, but I am tired of taking the brunt for delayed shipments when I have little to no control over it.

What does this mean for my RFY shocks services? For the time being I will be stopping all RFY services. Simply, I do not have the resources to continue to fight supply issues as well as knockoff units and all of the variables that have to be addressed to continue these services. I may return to these services eventually, but I will have to reevaluate in the future. In summary, for the time being RFY services will be discontinued.

In the next month or so I will begin offering some of my machining services and custom parts. As my machine shop side continues to grow I would like to grow more of my machining services as well. This includes the GT750 gear which was been selling extremely well, as well as a few other parts that I hope to be able to sell. I also hope to use this time to start real world testing of the bespoke CL CompTech dampers that I developed some five years ago but never had the time or means to bring to fruition.

As I progress in these matters I will update further.

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