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  1. Jerry
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    Can you shoot me an email when you have time. I’m interested in learning about your experience setting up you web site. I’m thinking of doing something similar to just post my different motorcycle projects; not as a business, but just info.

  2. Mike
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    Are you still rebuilding the rfy shocks?

    • Chris
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  3. Brandon rossi
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    Are you still in Pittsburgh pa? Or around there at least? I’m from leechburg, I was thinking of buying a set of these for my Yamaha rhino, and if you think they would hold up? Wasn’t sure if you had a Facebook page or anything.

    Shoot me a text…

    • Chris
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      Hi Brandon,

      Yeah, I’m still in Pittsburgh. Not sure if they will work on a Rhino or not, I’ve never tried.

      – Chris

  4. Cameron
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    Hi Chris,

    Are the RFY shock packages that you sell which have already been rebuilt, priced per shock, or as pairs? I’m looking at buying a set of the Honda CB shocks and I want to make sure I’m pricing for the correct quantity.


    • Chris
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      Hi Cameron,

      Price is always per pair.


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