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RaceTech 1 7/8" ID springs on RFY shocks.
RaceTech 1 7/8″ ID springs on RFY shocks.

Yeah, it sounds pretty backwards that the most recent addition to my store is the package that I personally ride, but reality is that I’ve had very little RD350 interest. Despite this, I decided to add this kit to the items in the store. It’s similar to the RD400 kit, though it’s slightly shorter as is required for the 350 model.

Additionally, I have added chain cleaning brushes to the store. I noticed that many retailers were selling them for $10 or more, which is an awful price, so mine are listed at $8.50, this is an add on item only though.

Finally, I’ve added the final kit for the adaptation of RaceTech springs or any other 1 7/8″ ID springs to RFY Shocks. I explored all sorts of options and finally arrived upon what I feel is not only an affordable price but also the most simplistic and elegant solution to the adaptation process. The kit sells for $4 not including shipping, it includes 4 rings that simply center the springs on the existing perches. That’s right, no special adapters, no clunk, heavy, or complicated setups. Simply slip the o-rings over the existing perch small OD and then place your RaceTech springs on those perches and finish assembly. Hand in hand with the adaption kit I am also offering a spring mounting service. Don’t have to tools or time to mount your RaceTech or similar springs? Send them to me, the spring change costs $35 including the adaptation kit and return shipping.

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