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CL-mototechAs a part of my ongoing development of all things shock related I am working to expand my breadth of services. As you might have noticed, the main focus of this expansion is towards model specific kits. These kits are all inclusive CL Mototech shock packages that are setup precisely for specific motorcycle models. For example, I have created a CB1100F kit, it’s an all inclusive setup for the Honda lovers. I have also created kits for the Suzuki GS1100e, Honda Ascot VT500, as well as other models.

Additionally, I am currently in testing of a low cost seal kit for RFY shocks. The seal kit thus far has proven very reliable. The seal kit adds a dedicated dust wiper which should help preserve the long term performance of the seal set. Even better, the seal has a very low backside volume, this is in contrast to the stock seal sets large backside volume. As a result, the new seal greatly reduces the possible introduction of air into the damper system during assembly. This means improved damper performance in even the most extreme conditions.

For performance enthusiasts, I have developed a spherical bearing set for damper eyelets top and bottom. These spherical bearings allow for better alignment of the shock and result in lower friction, decreased piston and shock body wear, and increase suspension sensitivity . It is an extremely worthwhile modification for performance oriented individuals and is a feature seen on all racing grade damper packages. Moreover, the spherical bearing utilized has a 15mm internal diameter. This is large enough for most applications, though for applications requiring larger I.D. dimensions this modification will not be possible. This large I.D. allows for fitment with the use of adapter bushings to multiple motorcycle types. This upgrade is a premium one, as it requires a large amount of precision machine work, but also requires an adapter bushing specific for each motorcycle model. Price for conversion of the eyelets at the top of the shock body is set at $60. For those who need four spherical bearings installed the price is just $95 total.

CL MotoTech Emulsion Shock
The emulsion shock by RFY has been added to the product line.

Additionally, in the last few months I have gotten my milling machine setup. Having a milling machine allows for even greater flexibility and creativity as far as future rebuilds and modifications are concerned. As I continue to expand my tooling I also bolster the spectrum of work I can perform. This will further diversify the work I can do as I move forward with my motorcycle damper infatuation. So look forward to more customizable packages in soon.

Finally, I feel confident that I can release the newest damper to the line. The RFY emulsion shock, AKA the Model 0, has finally been sorted out. Rebuilds of this shock will cost $95. The rebuild requires the machining of the existing bushing housing and the fitment a proper linear bushing. An oil impregnated bushing that produces a low friction yet tight tolerance action is used. If you are seeking the classic look of non-reservoir shock, these might be the ones for you. The piston is also modified to alter dampening properties, this increased the performance of the shock drastically.

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  1. David Brown
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    Chris, this is all awesome news. I’ve been looking at getting shocks for my ’81 GPz550; options are far and few between for vintage bikes. The stock eye-to-eye distance on the GPz550 is 13.25″, or 336mm. Would any of your shocks fit that parameter? Also, some of your shocks show the new rebound damping offering. How much of a premium is that option? What will pricing be on the new emulsion shock?

    • Chris
      | Reply

      Hi Dave!

      There are a few options available. Please email me at: with your weight and the weight of your bike. We can discuss the shaft adjustable and emulsion shocks as well.


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