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It’s come to my attention that I am doing a horrible job of generating updates around here lately. It’s not for a lack of doing things, let me tell you. Rather, it’s just that I’m so busy that I really do not have the energy to sit down and add content. It’s a shame I tell ya! So to help remedy this situation I am adding an Instagram feed, because snapping photos takes almost no effort at all. Be prepared for a bunch of poorly lit photos and videos from my work shop, but also hopefully some good race cars and bikes from around the country, and without a doubt their will be beer and food. Good times.

So sit back and enjoy what surely be the cool, the weird, the fun, and the interesting.

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  1. steve hoy
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    Chris, i need some shocks for my cb750 resto mod. can you contact me on facebook or instagram

    steve hoy

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