AXS TV Live Concerts

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AXSFor those of you not familiar with AXS TV, it’s a regional television channel that features a wide variety of content. How to best sum it up, I am not sure, but the channel has a host of live shows from various venues. Most notably, it appears they regularly air shows from Red Rocks. That alone is good enough for me.

I was introduced to AXS TV while staying at a family members house and remember advertisements for more than a few good shows. Though, I didn’t realize I even had the channel until a few weeks ago. Currently I am a DirecTV subscriber (channel 340), but you will have to check with your local provider to see if you get AXS TV.

As for shows I’m looking forward to, Umphrey’s McGee Live From Red Rock  will play on August 18th at 1:25PM. I’ll toss that on the calendar as a reminder. Other shows are sure to come and it appears they play a wide variety of music genres. If you don’t mind catching shows the old fashion way, via television, be sure to check out AXS TV.

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