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RaceTech 1 7/8" ID springs on RFY shocks.
RaceTech (1 7/8″ ID) Spring Adaptation Kit

Want to step it up a level with your RFY shocks? The use of springs with a 1 7/8″ inside diameter (ID) is a great way to do that. Get the huge range of springs offered not just by RaceTech … Read More

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Spherical bearing installed in shock.
Spherical Bearing Modification

The spherical bearing modification adds spherical bearings to the eyelets of RFY and CL MotoTech shocks. This is a premium upgrade for the performance oriented individual. The benefits of spherical bearings are many: Reduces misalignment forces on the shock piston … Read More

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CL MotoTech Emulsion Shock
Model 0 Rebuild

The Model 0 shock is a classic looking reservoir-less emulsion shock. Unfortunately it suffers from a few fatal flaws as it arrives from the factory. This rebuild corrects those flaws and assures proper performance from the shock. Rebuild Overview Install … Read More

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