Yamaha RD350 Shock Kit



This CL MotoTech Yamaha RD250 shock kit is a complete adaptation of the standard RFY shock for the Yamaha RD350. It features eyelet style mounting with the correct bushings for both the top and bottom mounts. The kit features a 100lbs/inch spring and an overall center to center length of 320mm. This package is tuned to work for most riders in most conditions. As with all CL MotoTech builds, you have your choice between Maxima 3 weight, 7w, and 10w oil. The shock is then charged with nitrogen to assure consistent and reliable performance

About The Shock

The shock itself is a modified and serviced RFY shock body and piston. The body is lightweight aluminum with adjustable preload. The piston and shaft are of steel construction. The piston is of a deflective disk design and can be tuned via shim stack adjustment, oil weight change, and reservoir pressure. An important feature of the package is the reservoir which allows for the pressurization of the shock which promotes consistent performance even in extreme environments. The entire package with springs weights around 10lbs. total and offers significant weight savings over stock and steel bodied units.

Rebuild Overview

  • Maxima shock fluid provides known damping properties
  • Purge air from damper system providing consistent performance throughout suspension travel
  • Proper bladder pressurization with purpose built tool means precise control of damping characteristics (standard tire gauges do not work for setting this pressure as the bladder volume is too small!)
  • Proper pressurization reduces oil cavitation and keeps the damper working consistently no matter how long or far you ride
  • The use of pure nitrogen eliminates moisture in the system while providing greater temperature stabilization compared to air
  • Apply friction reducing seal grease ensures smooth damper operation and longer seal life
  • Additionally, top out spring replacement is available, see below for details

Top Out Spring Replacement and Preload Correction

Top out spring replacement removes the overly stiff and excessively tall factory spring. This accommodates greater travel in the sag component of your suspension travel. The replacement spring decreases the droop limit, meaning the shock has a longer travel than stock. Ultimately, this allows the setup of the shock to be maximized in both the compression and sag characteristics. Preload correction is applied in conjunction with the top out spring replacement and serves to reduce factory set preload as much as possible. This is ideal for lighter bikes and riders who may struggle to achieve popper sag. Note: this service may add up to 10mm to the total length of the shock.

Oil Weight

If you are uncertain on oil weight, generally speaking 7w is the best choice.

Service Time

In most cases you will receive your order within 14 days of purchasing.

Further Questions?

Do you have questions about this purchase? Visit the FAQ page.

Note: Due to the wide variety of colors, sizes, and mounting option I may not always have some configurations in stock.

Additional information


Black and Gold, Silver and Black, Silver and Yellow, Silver and Blue

Oil Weight

3w, 7w, 10w

Top Out Spring Replacement

Yes $18, No $0


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