Model 0 Rebuild


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The Model 0 shock is a classic looking reservoir-less emulsion shock. Unfortunately it suffers from a few fatal flaws as it arrives from the factory. This rebuild corrects those flaws and assures proper performance from the shock.

Rebuild Overview

  • Install oil impregnated linear shaft bearing, the Model 0 is delivered without this shaft bearing installed which leads to catastrophic seal failure
  • Replace unknown factory shock fluid with Maxima fluid providing known damping properties
  • Fill damper to optimum oil level
  • Pressurize shock thereby raising the temperature and pressure by which cavitation occurs
  • The use of pure nitrogen eliminates moisture in the system while providing greater temperature stabilization compared to air
  • Apply friction reducing seal grease ensures smooth damper operation and longer seal life
  • Additionally, top out spring replacement is available, see below for details

The RFY shock rebuild includes: Maxima shock oil (3 or 7 weight), complete inspection, charging with nitrogen, optimization of shock dimensions, complete reassembly, and high quality valve stem caps. Additionally, once the shocks have had their initial service, the cost is reduced to only $55 for each reoccurring service.

Top Out Spring Replacement and Preload Correction

Top out spring replacement removes the overly stiff and excessively tall factory spring. This accommodates greater travel in the sag component of your suspension travel. The replacement spring decreases the droop limit, meaning the shock has a longer travel than stock. Ultimately, this allows the setup of the shock to be maximized in both the compression and sag characteristics. Preload correction is applied in conjunction with the top out spring replacement and serves to reduce factory set preload as much as possible. This is ideal for lighter bikes and riders who may struggle to achieve popper sag. Note: this service may add up to 10mm to the total length of the shock.

Oil Weight

If you are uncertain on oil weight, generally speaking 3w is the best choice for this damper package.

Service Time

Once I have received your shocks they will be serviced and return mailed within 7 days and usually quicker.


Shipping is $15 on this item. The item is shipped 2 day priority.

Note: Once you have purchased/paid for this service you will receive the shipping address via email. The address is written in a small light grey font at the bottom of the invoice.

If you have further questions be sure to visit the FAQ.

Additional information

Top Out Spring

Yes $18, No $0

Spherical Bearing Modification

No $0, Dual $75, Quad $105


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