Honda Ascot VT500

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14mm Upper Bushing

10mm Lower Bushing


Product Description

The CL MotoTech Honda Ascot kit is a complete adaptation of a RFY unit specifically for Honda VT500 model. The shock package has an eyelet and comes with appropriate bushings top and bottom. The damper is adjusted specifically for the Ascot and is optimized across all aspects. The kit is 365mm in length and provides less rake than stock, this generally means that your bike will have quicker steering, though this is done at a loss of stability. The spring is a 120lbs/inch unit that is slightly stiffer than the stock spring. This lends to a sportier ride but also helps supports todays riders who are more heavily clad in gear than 30 years ago. As with all my builds, you have your choice between Maxima 3 weight, 7w, and 10w oil. The shock is then charged with nitrogen to assure consistent and reliable performance.

About The Shock

The shock itself is a modified and serviced RFY shock body and piston. The body is lightweight aluminum with adjustable preload. The piston and shaft are of steel construction. The piston is of a deflective disk design and can be tuned via shim stack adjustment, oil weight change, and reservoir pressure. An important feature of the package is the reservoir which allows for the pressurization of the shock which promotes consistent performance even in extreme environments. The entire package with springs weighs around 10lbs. total and offers significant weight savings over stock and steel bodied units.

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Note: Due to the wide variety of colors, sizes, and mounting option I may not always have some configurations in stock.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 4 in
Oil Weight

3w, 7w, 10w


Black and Silver, Black and Gold, Silver and Blue

1 review for Honda Ascot VT500

  1. Boedy (verified owner)

    I have these on my Ascot. They strait up cannot be beaten for the price. There is absolutely nothing out there in this price range as nice as these shocks. Now, what are they really like on your Ascot? They are a little stiff. I weight about 210 dressed, and they are a little stiff. Not bad though. I’ve ridden some bikes with cheap universal shocks and they can rattle your teeth. These are not like that, but yeah, they are a little stiff. If I weighed say around 260 pounds, they’d probably be just fine, but I like the sportier feel of a stiff shock, I ride a bit on the aggressive side, and I also ride with my wife sometimes- so a little bit stiff works for me. I wouldn’t soften it up if it were an option. I like it.

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