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This fully built shock package utilizes the common RFY unit and rebuilds it to strict CL MotoTech specifications! They are also customizable with a list of ad-dons and upgrades. Please read the information below carefully and pick the options that best suit your needs.

By purchasing a fully built shock package I guarantee that you get the right package the first time. Ordering here also saves you time and hassle.

Length Options

  • 320mm RFY 7mm spring – appropriate for bikes in 300-450 lbs. range with an average weight rider.
  • 340mm RFY  8mm short spring – appropriate for bikes in 450-650 lbs. range with an average weight rider.
  • 375mm 8mm long spring – appropriate for bikes in the 400-550lbs range and an average weight rider.


  • Spherical bearing installation – adds spherical bearings to the eyelets for reduced friction and hugely increased performance
  • Top out spring replacement – replaces old top out spring with shorter variety increasing travel and decreasing built in preload
  • Spherical bearing upgrade may add up to 12 business days to processing time

Spring Considerations

Picking the correct spring is perhaps the most critical step in achieving a good handling motorcycle. The guidelines above are written in fairly general terms. There are a lot of considerations to make, a few examples are motion ration, rider weight, single rider or two riders, and many others. More information can found in using my spring rate estimator or by contacting me.

Spherical Bearing Replacement
  • Reduces misalignment forces on the shock piston and shock rod linear bearing
  • Increases shock sensitivity
  • Lessens fiction and wear on shock components
  • Less rotational friction that results in smoother action of the suspension
  • Removes free play or slop common with rubber lined mounts
  • Easily changed when worn
  • A more professional and clean aesthetic
  • Extremely long life with proper maintenance

Do not purchase spherical bearing replacement if the OD of the bolts or stud you are mounting with are larger than 15mm. The I.D. of the spherical bearing is 15mm.

If you have clevis mounts, purchase dual spherical bearing replacement.

If you have eyelet lower mounts, purchase quad spherical bearing replacement.

Top Out Spring Replacement

Top out spring replacement removes the overly stiff and excessively tall factory spring and put a compact high load spring in its place. This accommodates greater travel in the sag component of your suspension travel. The replacement spring decreases the droop limit, meaning the shock has a longer travel than stock. Ultimately, this allows the setup of the shock to be maximized in both the compression and sag characteristics. Preload correction is applied in conjunction with the top out spring replacement and serves to reduce factory set preload as much as possible. This is ideal for lighter bikes and riders who may struggle to achieve popper sag. Note: this service may add up to 10mm to the total length of the shock. Note: this service may add up to 10mm to the total length of the shock.

Oil Weight

If you are uncertain on oil weight, generally speaking 7w is the best choice.

Service Time

Due to the wide variety of colors, sizes, and mounting options I only carry a small stock of the fully built shock package. As a result order fulfillment can take up to 15 days.


Shipping is $15 on this item. The item is shipped 2 day priority.

Additional Information

You have the choice of shock color and mounting style. There is a wide variety of color options and styles available. If you do not see the options you wish to chose please contact me via the form found in the links at the top of the page.

Do you have questions about this purchase? Visit the FAQ page.

If you have questions as to which options are appropriate appropriate please contact me.


Additional information

Shock Color

, ,

Shock Mounting



320mm, 340mm, 375mm

Spherical Bearing Upgrade

No $0, Dual $60, Quad $95

Top Out Spring Replacement

Yes $18, No $0

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  1. Gary

    I have an LS650 based café racer and used a RYCA kit as the starting point for my café conversion. I put a lot of effort into getting the forks perfect (or as perfect as damping rod forks can get) by making an upper t-clamp that allowed the forks to be raised, installing RaceTech Emulators, new springs and assembling the forks with utmost care and precision. I also spent a lot of time dialing in the static and race sag and taking measurements of the fork travel, adjusting the oil height to get it spot on at 50% with normal riding and 85% under heavy load.

    I’ve never liked the shocks that came with the RYCA kit. They are over sprung, under dampened and only provide 2 inches of travel. I’ve been looking at various solutions and have considered them all; everything from the $1,000 range RaceTech, Ohlins and Fox Podium Shocks to low buck knock-offs of the aforementioned shocks for less than $100. I couldn’t bring myself to try anything in the upper end and figured why bother at the low end.

    Through some internet research I stumbled upon Chris at CL Mototech. I provided Chris with the particulars (weight of the bike with and without me at the front and rear wheels) and some other information on the bike and Chris built me custom shocks for my bike. I had (too) many questions about the shocks and their setup and Chis was more than happy to accommodate me. Ultimately Chris suggested a pair of 320mm shocks that allowed adjustment (through the use of two different lower eyelets) between 320-360mm using dual-rate 80-100 lb-in springs. In the end 330mm was the correct length needed to avoid chain contact with the swingarm under braking.

    The shocks, together with my custom forks, provide a balanced and comfortable ride. I’d go as far to say that the shocks have had a transformative effect on the bike and my enjoyment of it. With my old shocks I would have to hover over the seat while riding over rough pavement because the ride was so jarring to the bike and me. Now? The suspension is in perfect balance. Not only is the ride comfortable, but the forks now are working properly. A problem I had with rear bump-steer has been eliminated.

    I love these shocks. They are $200 magic carpet ride.

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