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Shock Pressure Tool
Shock Pressure Tool

Why am I crowdfunding the initial sale of this product?

I would like to offer this tool for sale from my website. I would like to provide the highest quality tool possible. The components I have chosen to assemble it with are aircraft grade and as a result, they must be ordered in bulk. If I am to offer this tool at a reasonable price, I have to build a first run order of 5 units minimum. I have set the deadline for this crowdfund at June 20th. If I do not receive a full five orders, all of those who have ordered will be refunded in total.

Do you like a great handling motorcycle and feel compelled to adjust and modify your motorcycle to your utmost liking?

This shock pressurization tool allows you to do just that! By properly allowing you to adjust the pressure inside your shock reservoirs you can adjust your suspension like the pros!

What does this shock pressurization tool do?

Just as the name implies, it aids in pressurizing your shocks! This tool connects to any standard Schrader valve, then by applying pressure via the tools Schrader valve you are then able to carefully apply pressure to your shock. The gauge on the tool allows precise measurement of your shocks internal pressure.

Why do I need a special tool?

Shocks, and the damping force they generate, are critical to the operation of your motorcycle. Proper shock setup not only assures an enjoyable ride, but they also promote a safe ride. This tool allows you to easily set, adjust, and monitor shock pressures. By doing this, you can change the ride characteristics of your bike, detect potential issues with your shock package, or set the gas pressure properly after a shock rebuild.

The top five reasons why this tool is better than the rest!

This shock tool has several advantages to others on the market, here’s my top five!

  • The compact design allows the gauge to fit into tight spaces and easily packs away in a pocket or backpack.
  • It uses a high quality, high durability, glycerin filled gauge, for long life and accurate readings.
  • This gauge is assembled with aircraft grade components for extreme quality and durability.
  • This tool is assembled in Pittsburgh using American labor.
  • This tool is being sold at a 15% discount compared to similar tools sold elsewhere.

Product Details

The above pictured pressurization tool is the prototype to the tool that is available during this campaign. The final tool will have the same anodized blue body, but the gauge will be exchanged for a higher quality 0-160 psi glycerin filled model. This gauge is designed to be long lasting and have high durability. The glycerin fill aids in vibration reduction and helps preserve the precision of the delicate gauge internals. The 0-160 psi gauge provides the perfect range for most shocks and features a stainless steel case and bezel. The tools small form factor makes it perfect to throw in your backpack for test rides or track days. This tool provides a no loss system for pressurization, but also features an ultra low volume internal system allowing for more accurate measurement of reservoir pressure.

The nerdy explanation of why all riders should have a shock pressurization tool!

The introduction of gas pressure to the shock reservoir applies pressure to the oil, thusly reducing its compressibility. The reduction of compressibility leads to a decrease in shock oil cavitation. Cavitation is the formation of bubbles in the oil as a result of the piston forcing the oil through it’s orifices. Those bubbles reduce the viscosity of oil and ultimately mean you end up with less damping force. If you have ever gone for a spirited ride and discovered that your motorcycle handles worse at the end of the ride than it did at the beginning you have experienced shock oil cavitation! In shocks that have no compression piston, such as many ‘budget’ shocks, you must maintain a relatively high gas bladder pressure. With the absence of the compression piston, gas pressure must be high enough to avoid excess collapsing during the compression stroke. The gas bladder or reservoir volume in gas charged shocks needs to be maintained sufficiently via the gas pressure so that during the compression stroke oil is forced through the piston and shim stacks inside the shock. The bladder or reservoir should only decrease in volume to accommodate the shock rod, with improper pressurization this is often not the case. Without proper gas pressurization, your damping force will be inconsistent at best and could potentially be nonexistent.

Using this tool will make your motorcycle ride better!

Every engineer that works with dampers (that’s what shocks are called in the biz) will tell you that setting reservoir pressure is critical to shock performance. The operation of the tool is simple enough, so why let this technology reside solely in the toolboxes of  race teams and manufacturers? It’s time that you set your shocks up like the pros do!

Current Progress

A prototype shock pressurization tool as already been created. The tool pictured above is in fact that prototype. The final product will appear very similar, with the primary difference being the gauge. The final product will use a 0-160 psi glycerin filled gauge.

Risks and Challenges

Manufacturer of this product is performed quite literally in my house. I’ll not only have to avoid angering my girlfriend, but I’ll also have to be vigilant and dedicated to receiving parts from my suppliers. To minimize risk to my customers, I will maintain communication regarding the progress of this project.

Product Delivery

The product will be shipped within two weeks of the completion of this campaign. This campaign is set to end June, 30th at 10PM. Final ship date for all supporters is Thursday, July 3rd, though it is likely that all shock tools will be shipped prior to this deadline. If for some reason this deadline should be pushed back, all supporters will be notified immediately.

Status of Crowd Fund

0 of 5 backers currently achieved.

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