RFY Shocks – Preload Correction

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Once you have shipped RFY shocks to me and I have received them there is a maximum one week turn around after the date of receiving.
This is a graph of the spring rate of the RFY 7mm spring.

RFY shocks come with an unknown amount of preload. This affects ride quality in several ways. Firstly, preload can generate a force threshold that prohibits initial suspension movement. This can result in a harsh or uncomfortable ride. Secondly, this factory preload makes it nearly impossible to set your sag appropriately. Sag is what helps keep your rear wheel planted during braking as well at times when your wheel is required to travel into bumps or depressions in the road.

The preload modification service fixes the over abundant preload that is prevalent in RFY Shock. For every 1 Centimeter of preload removed there is a combined reduction of nearly 70lbs of force (approx. 35lbs. per spring, 7mm wire). Once this has been performed you can properly set your preload using the built in adjusters that are on every RFY shock. This allows you to customize your suspension sag and ride height to your own needs.

This service is an excellent companion to the RFY Rebuild service, shipping shocks in once to receive both services saves money and time.

For more information, head over to the products page.

4 Responses

  1. dave
    | Reply

    Chris, Where would I find info/specs. on rfy air gas shocks? Looking for proper gas press., pre-load, assembly, disassembly, etc.
    thnx, Dave

    • Chris
      | Reply

      Hi Dave,

      I am not aware that any exist. I have developed my own methods and specifications through experience and user feedback. I have attempted several times to contact the manufacturer but have received no response.


  2. Sky
    | Reply

    Hey had a question about these shocks and you seem to know your stuff. I’ve bought an old Yamaha xs750 bobber that someone put hard struts on and I’m wanting to convert to these rfy shocks but still kinda have that lowered look thinking the 11inch shocks but my concern is will there be enough travel rate when hitting bumps in the road and/or will they support the weight of the bike plus me and a passenger?

    • Chris
      | Reply

      Hi Sky,

      The 11″ model has only about 2″ of travel. Not much.


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