Relive the Lotus Camp Bisco Set

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Lotus at Camp Bisco 12 (2013).
Lotus at Camp Bisco 12 (2013).

Whether you are a Lotus zealot such as I or just want to hear some ear pleasing and super smooth jams this video will deliver. The guys over at Net Frequency posted up a full length video of Lotus at Camp Bisco. Even more pleasing is that if you are like me and like to shred bandwidth this video is available in 1080p. I recommend getting this up on your second monitor, your 55 inch tv, your baby monitors, and your studio monitors. This is a great set! I know because I was there. Make sure to catch the equipment malfunction that created an off the chain drum solo around the 32 minute mark. The best part is, I’ve embedded the video below so that you don’t even have to search for it. Enjoy.


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