Spherical Bearing Modification



The spherical bearing modification adds spherical bearings to the eyelets of RFY and CL MotoTech shocks. This is a premium upgrade for the performance oriented individual. The benefits of spherical bearings are many:

  • Reduces misalignment forces on the shock piston and shock rod linear bearing
  • Increases shock sensitivity
  • Lessens fiction and wear on shock components
  • Less rotational friction that results in smoother action of the suspension
  • Removes free play or slop common with rubber lined mounts
  • Easily changed when worn
  • A more professional and clean aesthetic
  • Extremely long life with proper maintenance

The downsides of this modification:

  • Greater maintenance requirements, cleaning, lubrication, etc.
  • More expensive replacement

All spherical bearings have a 15mm inner diameter, though bushings will be supplied to adapt that to 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm mounts.

The Process

To adapt your RFY shocks for spherical bearings the shocks must be partially disassembled. Once this happens the shock cap is then milled via a vertical milling machine to fit the spherical bearing. The bearing is retained with an internal circlip. A similar process is performed for bottom eyelets. All of these processes are inclusive in the purchase of this item.

Purchase Options

This process is always performed to the top eyelet, the one that is an integral part of the shock. For those with clevis mounts, you only need the Dual Conversion. For those who have eyelet lower mounts, you can choose to have the Quad Conversion. The Quad Conversion converts the upper eyelets and the lower eyelets to spherical bearings.

Note: This process is not reversible, once your shocks have been modified to accept the spherical bearing they are like this permanently.

Additional information

Dual or Quad Conversion

Dual $80, Quad $115


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