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20mm Extended Eyelet (2)
20mm Extended Eyelet (2)

These 20mm extended eyelets are 2cm (.79″: longer than the stock eyelets. This can be used to change your bikes handling characteristics in many ways. These eyelets fit all CLMotoTech shocks and all RFY Shocks. Note:┬áLengthening shocks can result in … Read More

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CL MotoTech
CL MotoTech Sticker

This high quality vinyl Cl MotoTech sticker features die cut corners and is good for both indoors and outdoors. They can go on your bike, your refrigerator, your girlfriend, and even your shocks. You get two stickers for just $1.50, … Read More

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Stock Eyelet
Standard Eyelet (2)

These are standard eyelets. These eyelets fit all CLMotoTech shocks and all RFY Shocks.  

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RFY Clevis
GS1100E Clevises

The Suzuki GS1100E requires that the standard RFY clevises be widened to .895″ and then drilled and tapped for an M10x1.5 bolt. These clevises have had these operations expertly performed to precise tolerances and will bolt directly to your GS … Read More

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RaceTech 1 7/8" ID springs on RFY shocks.
RaceTech (1 7/8″ ID) Spring Adaptation Kit

Want to step it up a level with your RFY shocks? The use of springs with a 1 7/8″ inside diameter (ID) is a great way to do that. Get the huge range of springs offered not just by RaceTech … Read More

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High quality spring steel top out spring.
Top Out Springs (Pair)

For the DIY suspension people, you can now you can order the top out springs that I have been putting in rebuilds and using in my personal shocks.┬áTop out spring replacement removes the overly stiff and excessively tall factory spring … Read More

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Spherical bearing installed in shock.
Spherical Bearing Modification

The spherical bearing modification adds spherical bearings to the eyelets of RFY and CL MotoTech shocks. This is a premium upgrade for the performance oriented individual. The benefits of spherical bearings are many: Reduces misalignment forces on the shock piston … Read More

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CL MotoTech Emulsion Shock
Model 0 Rebuild

The Model 0 shock is a classic looking reservoir-less emulsion shock. Unfortunately it suffers from a few fatal flaws as it arrives from the factory. This rebuild corrects those flaws and assures proper performance from the shock. Rebuild Overview Install … Read More

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Billet 4 wire regulator for excited field generator bikes.
Billet Regulator

This super tough and extremely small regulator for excited field charging systems is the ultimate electronic upgrade for old mechanically regulated systems. The regulator is housed and potted into a billet housing that serves both as a heat sink and … Read More

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