CL MotoTech – A New Frontier

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After nearly 2 years of servicing and customizing motorcycle suspension, specifically RFY shocks, I believe that my little venture is starting to take on a life of its own. More specifically, this project can no longer be described as just a side project. The breadth of makes and models that I have built for is ever expanding, the amount of time that I commit to website upkeep, and the quantity of specialty work that I do has grown many times over in the past 20 months. I have only my readers and customers to the thank for that! Honestly, I am humbled by all of you. The enthusiasm that surrounds the motorcycle industry is inspiring and motivational to say the least!

Moreover, the association with RFY shocks and the faceless manufacturer of these shocks is growing somewhat tiresome. Increasingly, these shocks are no longer beholden to their humble background. Thanks to my customers I have slowly been able to create a shock package that outperforms humble expectations and leaves behind the bottom dollar performance but not the price tag. As a result I am officially announcing the rebranding of the products that have received my services. Going forward, all shocks that I have serviced will be branded as CL MotoTech!

CL MotoTech, which is short for Chris Livengood Motorcycle Technologies, can be found via, which takes you directly to the storefront. Additionally, you can also find these products via the the home domain where the wide variety of projects and activities that I participate in can be explored. It is my hope that CL MotoTech will continue to grow the image and brand that I have developed here. Soon, I will have stickers adorning the CL MotoTech logo and all shocks I have serviced will ship adorning this brand. Furthermore, I will be moving away from selling RFY branded products instead selling these items under the CL MotoTech nomenclature entirely. 2015 is turning out to be an exciting year for me and again I can not thank my visitors and patrons enough! As always, stay tuned as new developments and products will surely be added regularly.

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