is a site owned and operated by me and about me. I have owned this site for many years. Initially was hosted for free as an angelfire site, this began back in 2001. Soon however I decided I wanted to get more perfessional. That is when I purchased the domain name. Unfortunately a case of mistaken identity meant that I lost my .com domain to another person with the same name. Today, the address is unfortunately owned my LinkedIn, which is bullshit, I’m not bitter (way to go other Chris Livengood for losing the domain you putz). After losing the .com I immediately switched to .net and have operated it since.

In addition to, I also owned and operated several other website. Most notable was the site where I offered a few services. Those services varied, but they were all in the field of motorsport. Today, the OurZeal.Com domain name is still active although it redirects you to this website. Moreover, I also own the domain name. It too redirects directly to this site.

Today, this website is as successful as ever. While I continue to produce articles that pertain to the things I enjoy like cars, motorcycles, and racing, the site has also moved onto a modern and dynamic platform. More recently, the site has taken on a new meaning with the addition of on line sales. This new facet has only added to the diverse blend of content that holds.

Only one question remains. Why do I continue to keep and the Sav0r going? I’ve always enjoyed writing but since I’ve left academia, and found little requirement to write, there was a bit of a hole in my life. As an attempt to find an outlet for that and simultaneously show off some of my projects and adventures I continue to develop and expand this website. When I purchased the domain name I did so because I wanted to remind myself to savor the adventure that is life. This is just one more way for me to do that.

Thanks for visiting,

Chris Livengood